Website designing and Development

When it comes to website designing and development, we offer a wide range of different types of services. It is our specialty to offer customized services to our clients. It is our goal to render the best of web designing services and thereby helping our clients to achieve their goals as far as business promotion is concerned. We help our clients to achieve their goals through our web designing services. Be it SEO or simple web designing, we have it all in store for our clients. There are basically three main types of web designing services which we offer

Our Web Designing Services

As mentioned, we offer 3 different types of web designing services. Here is a brief insight into them

Static Website Design

When it comes to static website design, it is about designing web pages which as fixed contents. Every single page is being coded with HTML and visitor comes across the same information every single time he visits the website. These are the most basic form of website designing and when it comes to creating them, it is fairly easy. No database design or web programming is required to create these web pages. We recommend static webpage designing for the clients whose requirements are not so high and are low on budget. Even in this age of advanced web page designing, static designs are equally popular and are being used quite frequently. We have a dedicated team to take care of the static designing part.

Dynamic Website Design:

When it comes to dynamic web site designing, the content, which includes images and text is generally fed from a CMS, which is also known as a Content Management System or a database. Therefore, when the data stored in the database is updated, the website’s content gets updated automatically. When it comes to functionality and flexibility, this is the best option when it comes to website designing. Dynamic website design is very useful when it comes to shopping carts and other informative websites where the contents are required to be changed on a regular basis. We recommend dynamic design for the clients who want their content to be changed and updated at a frequent interval. Besides, when it comes to dynamic website designing, it is much more expensive than static designing. We have a team of web designers who take care of the dynamic web designing part.

Website Development in PhP:

PhP is a scripting language which is used for general purpose and is very commonly used when it comes to server based web development. It is the PhP runtime that executes any PhP code. PhP is being commonly used when it comes to designing dynamic web pages where the contents need to be updated on a daily basis.

These are the 3 main types of web development services which we have to offer. With the help of our team of expert developers, we have been able to successfully execute numerous projects on web page development.

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